More about Magma industrial group

Background of Magma industrial group

In year of "1950" , The first unit of stone-cutting called "Zomorrod" inaugurated by "Ali shafeeyi" placed in "Shoosh square" in stone-cutter`s market . The main duty of this unit was to quarry of stone from the stone mines of the climax , to make them ready by simple instruments to the stone plates , for the expenses of the buildings . After interance of stone-cutting technology in Iran , they took action to put in working order under the name of "Raad stone-cutting" , and for the first time in the history of stone-cutting guild in Iran . They invented "Concrete of cement" for special kind of stone called "Travertine" , somethings are still in use by more than 80 percent of the factories of "Travertine" producing after pass away several yeras . When stone industry in Iran become more improved , "Raad stone-cutting" started to discover and exploit some another Kinds of stone blocks somewhere between "Qom and Isfahan cities" and after that project , the started to exploit "Marble" Stone from the mines of "Aknabaad" in "Isfahan city" . Then they inaugurated the second branch in "Shahr-e-rey" under the main name of the company "Zomorrod" of "raad stone-cutting" . For the first time they made transformation in meditation of stone industry to put the difference between "stone-cutting" and "stone-factory" , and they changed the traditional view "stone-cutting" in the modern on "stone-factory" . The production lines of "travertine" undercover of modern machines of that time as similar as "BRA Italy" put in working order and entered to the scene of Automatic and industrial manufacturing .
In year of "2002" , because of performing of governmet`s policities based on discharge some kinds of jobs from Tehran , and transporting the stone-factories to "Shamsabaad" manufacturing city , "Zomorrod" advanced factory built in "Shamsabaad" manufacturing city under the standards of the day . In year of "2004" they started to [roduce and after that , they changed their brand`s name to "Magma".

Actual place of Magma industrial group

Nowadays , Magma industrial group by more than 60 exprience , in stone ground of this country is recognized as one of the most exprienced and oldest stone factories of the countries . They are always insist on the scientific and targetive methods to promote the qualitative level of their stone productions .
collaboration between "Magma group" and the most biggest mines of iran as "Aabgarm travertine mine" , "Hadjiabaad mine","Salsaal mine","Silver marble mine","Joshaghan mine" is the result of 3 generation of experience and gaining the stasfaction of old and new customers .

The abilities and possibilities

Magma industrial group are going to save the quality of their stone productions in high level by using high quality modern machines of the day and using high quality of primary materials . Somehow they know how to deliver the orders of their customers in time with no delay by using their valuable experiences .

Done project

The policy of saving the internal customers , by Magma industrial group , is the reason of developed sale to the whole country somewhere then developed marketing out of Iran led to gain a certificate from other countries such as "Germany","Greece","Turkey","UAE","Azerbaijan","Bulivia" and "China" to export productions of Magma industry group .

An explanation about the phase of producing stone

1.Cutting 2.Polishing 3.Quality control
First , the ordered "block" according to the standards of Magma industrial group in detemined season of the year , have culled and have been sending to the section of "block depo" . After confermate and according to priority of the customer,s orders , the "block" have been transporting to the cutting section . and under the high accuracy , they would have been cut by ready climax cutter machines . After the cutting session , the stone plates have been sending to polishing room and under the high susceptibility , they have polished , and going to be shiny ! All of these stages , are under the high level of supervising and so are sensitive . As soon as apearing any problems , Magma is going to slove them as soon as it possible . Finally the section of quality control , checking out the stone plates , and if they they where under the high level of Magma standards , they would confirmate and then the stone plates get ready to send to their final destination .

Missions and gloas

All of the programs in Magma industrial group is in direction to prove to be true the new changes to receive the europen standards . Therefore by increasing the productions and the importance of supervising on quality of production cycle . Magma put the first priority on full automated production cycle . that would reason to develop the goal market , exporting and gaining the satisfaction of customers.

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